Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Projects Update 2

A simple Quad Robot project to experiment with walking gait programming and design.

Quad Robot Project

I have always been interested in creating walking robots. I take much inspiration from such robots as Big Dog, Little Dog, Hexapod Robots and Quad Robots as seen on YouTube. Robots such as the Mars Rovers have also appealed to me in their hybrid Leg and Wheel design. I like robots which have organic feel to them and smooth motion planning with a design inspired by nature. I thought it was finally time to make my own.

The robot so far is constructed from scrap cutting board pieces and many micro 9g servo's (8 Total). I plan to use an Arduino (AT-MEGA 168 or 328) to control the servo motors. It is a fairly simple design of a Quad type robot. Each leg has 2 degrees of freedom making it a rather bare bones minimal design. I kept it simple so I can focus on improving it over time and adding onto it.

I'm very excited to see how this will work out, even though I expect the programming to be a headache due to differences in servo positions and the walking gait behavior for forward motion and steering. I do plan to make it autonomous and include a sensor mast with a ultrasonic range finder as I have seen others do.

Here are some examples of walking Robots.


A small Quad Robot

Big Dog

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