Sunday, August 7, 2011

August Projects Update 1

I'm finally out of college, with a lot more free time!

I have started a number of projects and plan to continue some of the old projects I started in college. Finding time to update this blog in the process.

NIC Tesla Coils

Before leaving college I managed to get some lathe time and wound the two secondary coils. They came out very nicely after about 6 coats of UV resistant varnish. Much bigger than any coils I've made before. Roughly 1500 Turns of gauge 22 magnet wire. I also took the time to make two top-loads and wire them up to the secondary coil.

The next step in the design is to create a primary coil holder out of PVC. This time the primary will have a small air gap between it and the secondary hopefully this will keep arc over from occurring. I'm not too sure how loose the coupling will be because of this gap but only testing will tell.

The control box power supply was replaced with a solid state switch mode supply designed for laptops. This reduced cost, decreased design complexity, created more room inside and decreased cooling demand. The supplies seem very robust and can supply 5A at 12V which is more than enough to power the driver section (2A @ 11.5V) and the control board (500mA @ 5V).

A video to keep things interesting :) (not mine) just for entertainment purposes.

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