SSTC Design

SSTC Design - Circuit Topologies.
Black - General Circuit: 

Connections, passive components, diodes, and other circuitry.

Cyan - Power Supply Circuit: 

DC Supply be it battery, rectified AC source, switch mode supply etc.

Green - Tank Circuit:  

Resonant Circuit - Lowest Z (impedance) at resonant frequency.
These are tuned resonant circuits with specific values of L or C
LC (Ideal) Inductive Capacitive.
RLC (Actual) Resistive Inductive Capacitive.

Red - Switching Circuit:    

Switching Device. (Fast Switching Semiconductor Device is assumed)
Possibly: MOSFET's, IGBT, BJT, Tube, Contactor, Relay or Spark Gap etc.
No arrows indicated on switch's - assumed bidirectional nature.
For unidirectional devices freewheeling diodes in anti-parallel must be included.

Figure 1 - Off-Line (right off the lines or mains) Topology

Similar to a DC resonant spark gap coil. With the charging choke and diode removed the circuit is very similar to a typical spark gap coil layout however most use an AC source not a DC source. A diode in anti parallel with the charging choke is recommended.

Figure 2 - ZVS (Zero Voltage Switching) Topology

Figure 3 - Half Bridge, Half Drive or Push-Pull Topology - Single ended coupling.

Figure 4 - Half Bridge, Half Drive or Push-Pull Topology - Voltage divider coupling.

Figure 5 - Half Bridge, Topology - (Dual Resonant - DRSSTC) single ended.

Figure 6 - Half Bridge, Topology - (Dual Resonant - DRSSTC) voltage divider.

Figure 7 - Full Bridge or H-Drive Topology.

Figure 8 - Full Bridge or H-Drive Topology. (Dual Resonant - DRSSTC)