Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Musical SSTC

So I have a working Solid State Tesla Coil that accepts audio input. Halloween is coming around and what a better way to scare people then to pipe audio out of arcs and sparks. But since I have no working audio source to modulate the coil I thought it was about time to build one! I have no need to buy expensive fiber optic cable isolation as there is almost no risk to the operator with the coil I have. The coils driver board is internally isolated by optocouplers, the board only runs at 12VDC and has a clamping circuit for anything above that. The driver is physically isolated from the high voltage bridge. Further more additional optocouplers can be used in the circuit I will be building. The purpose of the optocouplers is mostly to seperate small transients which may effect sensitive microcontrollers. Input and output clamping (protection) will be designed into this board, similar to the design used in the current sensing portion of digital multimeter.

The output protection portion clamps down any induced high voltage transients on the output buffer to protect it. The input protection may not be needed but it is to protect the mp3 player or other device from anything induced onto the circuit itself protecting the input device. Adjustable gain to set the volume and adjustable threshold control for the buffer allows the duty cycle to be adjusted.

This is not the final design I plan to use a zero voltage crossing detector after the preamplifier with an adjustable pulse width for better results. This circuit would only be suitable for specially formatted music input such as one instrument or frequency at a time. Missing here is the channel select jumper or switch to allow left or right channel to be used separately.

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