Saturday, January 1, 2011

The New Year!

So it's the new year! Almost time to go back to college...
Worked on a few things during break such as housing arduino mega's in case's so that they may be used outdoors:

The NIC tesla coil project is still comming along. I have made a makeshift lathe and used it to start varnishing the coil forms. I should be able to wind the coils at home now on the weekend, wont need to find time in class to use the schools lathes :)

I plan to replace the previous circuit design entirely with a microcontroller such as an Arduino. This will save money and leave the project open to software updates in the future. The only thing not controlled by the microcontroller will be the high frequency VCO as the controller is too slow to generate 0.5Mhz square wave signals from a standard I/O pin. Currently the only problem is modulating the output to music, the MP3 players do not put out a high enough voltage to be picked up easily by the controller.

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