Monday, November 15, 2010

Blog Open for Blogging

Hello again!

I have decided to stop paying for my weebly site, it is soon to expire and go offline. I have once again moved back to good old I used this blogging service before and it was the location of my first blog which was called Uchips&Bits. Im not really a blog type person - so dont expect updates on a regular basis. I will use this webspace to periodically post updates about various home and school projects.

This will be a blog related to technology and more specifically the field of electronics, however I may from time to time post other interesting things. I like high-voltage electronics such as Solid-State and Spark-Gap Tesla Coils, voltage multiplyier cascades, TV-flyback drivers, and static charge generators such as van de graaff machines. Other high energy interests include: inverters, radio circuits, amplifier circuits, x-rays devices, radiation detectors, alternate energy sources, game programming robotics, and biological inspired designs.

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